To complement our flavors and colors lines we offer key ingredients to improve the performance of the final product. Our sodium and sugar reductions, maskers and modulators, just like our extracts manage to elevate the final product of our clients according to the current market demands.

Sugar reduction

Taking into account the healthy and conscious eating trend, we offer sugar reductions that allow the palate to continue enjoying the indulgence while consuming a low sugar product. We solve your sweetening needs, either with natural or artificial ingredients. Our portfolio offers: stevia, aspartame, acesulfame k and sucralose.


Fruit and vegetable extracts

Our extracts provide integral traceability and total transparency in the product quality including biological range, controlled pesticides and clean label.

We offer green and black natural tea extracts of the highest quality and aroma that preserve all of their benefits. We also have fruit and vegetable powder extracts that have a large application spectrum on sweet, salty and beverages.

Sodium reduction and MSG

Taking into account the healthy and conscious eating trend, we offer sodium reductions that allow the palate to continue enjoying a balanced flavor without consuming high quantities of sodium.
We have developed systems of total or partial sodium reductions that don’t alter the taste of the product, restore the salt perception and don’t leave residuals in snacks, soups, broths, sauces, margarines, cookies and other culinary products.



Modulators and taste maskers

Systems to mask and modulate flavors for products with sugar reduction, high protein vegetables, reduced in fat and cocoa. These technologies, in combination with our flavors, optimize the flavor’s profile improving the consumer’s preferences by masking metallic, bitter, vegetable, astringent, earthy, sweeteners, proteins and oil residuals.


Each day it is more critical for the food industry to keep and protect the organoleptic characteristics of different product throughout time.

Our high quality, natural and artificial antioxidant line, allows us to extend this protection from molecules that inhibit the fats’oxidation extending the finished product’s shelf life.


Gelatin is a natural, traditional, and ancestral food that can work as a gelling agent, food stabilizer, binding agent, emulsifiable, and excipient.

It is mainly used in jellies, gummies, chewy candies, desserts, yogurts, ice creams, pastry fillings and toppings, meat products and many more.

Our bovine originated gelatin and our technical support allows us to offer support towards the necessary adjustments in different applications.


Yeast Extracts

We offer a protein and yeast extracts portfolio that complements the sensorial experiences of the finished products. They are applicable to human and animal nutrition, fermented products, and personal care.

  • Active and/or inactive yeasts: Used as prebiotics or protein source, vitamins, organic minerals, and natural antioxidants.
  • Yeast and hydrolyzed vegetable proteins extracts used as flavor enhancers and source of free amino acids, nitrogen, nucleotides, and other nutrients.


Sodium Reduction:

  • Systems that improve the salt perception curve and the savory flavor.

Sugar Reduction:

  • Sweet profile innovative solutions with technologies that add sweetness, lowering long-lasting and mouthfeel.

Modulators/ Taste Maskers:

  • Reduction of earthy, herbal, metallic and bitter aftertastes present in proteins, amino acids, minerals,
    vitamins, etc.
  • Sweetener Maskers
  • Potassium Chloride Masker: Reduces metallic and bitter aftertastes and improves the salty taste perception.
  • Flavour enhancer

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